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 Do you guys remember the Dufflepuds in the Chronicles of Narnia? These potatoes remind us of them, but probably more delicious, although then again, perhaps one-footed dwarves could be tasty. Who knows?

Anyway, another pretty basic recipe. Do you guys like step-by-step instructions? We don’t really, at least when we’re writing them out. When we are parsing the Internet for recipes though, sometimes it’s like, crap! Lead us, please. Kind of like this recipe

Here goes, fill in the blanks that we may have left out, or reply to us in the comments if you have any questions!

1. Bake potatoes.

2. Hollow out potatoes, but leave a half an inch or so of potato attached to the skin. Now they look like shoes.

3. Reserve hollowed out potato flesh, mix with bacon, eggs, salt, pepper, cheese, other health foods.

4. Stuff mixture back into potatoes.

5. Bake again until cheese has melted.

6. Eat.


Cookies and Apologies



We apologize for our absence in the blogging community. Life, you know?

Anyway, we recently baked some cookies that are, hands down, some of the best cookies ever made. Really. Slightly crisp on the outside, with a soft, gooey center – these are cookies that other cookies look up to. I don’t know, bear with us on our non-flowery prose for a minute.

We used this recipe (looks familiar), because Nestle Toll House is really the way to go. HOWEVER. A few changes:

No nuts. Unless you like them, in which case, go for it.

We used butter, which we first browned in a pan until it starts to smell nutty, and well, turn brown.

Instead of mixing things separately, we browned the butter and threw in everything into one mixing bowl. The heat from the butter melted the chocolate chips so that you get some chocolate in every bite, which is never a bad thing.

You should go make them now.

Guest Post: Kale Salad

Twoguysandakitchen is experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment (no Internet), but they have asked me, a friend of twoguysandakitchen, for a guest post. So, without further ado, here goes! Read more…

Skate Recipe

This weekend, we made skate. Awesome, right? Too bad we didn’t take any pictures because we are awful bloggers. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a fancy, but easy, dinner idea to impress (and Valentine’s Day is coming up…), this is a great one.

First of all, you’re going to have to find some skate. We bought ours from an Asian grocery store for $6. $6! That’s like a happy meal. If at all possible, get your skate de-skinned, because that sucker is hard to get off. So, get someone else to do the dirty work for you.

Here’s an actual recipe, and we combed through various sources, and the only way to make skate is the brown butter + capers combo, it seems. Not too creative, but you’re already making skate. You’re off the hook in terms of creativity. Our recipe is easier though. You’ll need a jar of capers, a lemon, butter and salt & pepper.

Step 1. Brown the butter.

Step 2. Is it browned? Are you sure? Okay, add the skate (season to taste, but don’t actually taste it, with salt and pepper).

Step 3. Cook on one side until it looks flaky and not raw.

Step 4. Flip and cook the other side until done.

Step 5. Take out the skate and put it on a plate.

Step 6. Brown a little more butter.

Step 7. Squeeze in the lemon and toss in a few capers + caper juice.

Step 8. Pour over the skate. And…that’s it. Easy & impressive.

We paired ours with white rice mixed with mushrooms sauteed in more butter, because we wanted to show our solidarity for Paula Deen.


A little belated, but last Friday, we made cupcakes, because that’s what two guys do on a Friday night. We used Betty Crocker mix, so no recipes, BUT we added in some cocoa powder, which made for a nice swirl pattern. We also added in cocoa powder to the pre-made cake frosting, because we’re fancy.

Did you know Betty Crocker cake mixes didn’t require any additional add-ins when they were first invented? All you had to do was add water. The problem was that though the cake mix was convenient, people did not purchase it because it was too easy. They didn’t feel like they did enough work. Therefore, Betty Crocker  revamped their mix by requiring the addition of an egg.  This will be a fun fact to remember when you grab that box of prepackaged mix in the pantry and are really pumped for some brownies, only to realize…crap. No egg.

Easy Hummus Recipe

We are having some technical difficulties. Hypothetically, how do you upload pictures and then add words after said pictures? We’re asking for a friend.

What is not difficult, however, is this hummus recipe. Which you can view pictures of after the cut, because, well, our friend hasn’t gotten back to us on a solution yet (there is no friend).

Read more…

Happy Lunar New Year, and Other Things

We’re not actually Asian, but we are nondenomination holiday celebrators, so happy lunar new year (should any of those words be capitalized?)!

In other news, we are absolutely devastated by the lack of comments on our witty and insightful review for a cordless electric tea kettle. And yes, we know exactly how that sounds.

We’ve cooked up a storm this weekend, so coming sometime this week, or whenever we get around to uploading pictures, we have cupcakes and sourdough bread for you. In retrospect, that’s not quite a storm, is it? There were some other things that were not photographed, or not photogenic enough to be photographed. Food blogging is surprisingly tough. We take back everything we’ve ever said about bloggers and book deals.