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Tea for Two

January 20, 2012

Despite past squabbles with our brethren across the pond, we still enjoy a cup of tea every now and then. Tea kettles, however, are another story. Actually, they’re pretty easy to use, aren’t they?

Look, if you have a tea kettle, you should probably just keep using it. Environmentally-conscious and whatnot. However, if you’re in the market for a water-boiler of some kind, we highly recommend the Hamilton Beach Cordless Electric Kettle. It heats up water fast – we’re not actually sure how fast, so we glanced at a few reviews per Amazon and it looks like the consensus is about 4 minutes (thanks “Jack” from Saint Paul, MN and “Avid Reviewer ‘A Music Fan'” from San Jose, CA). 

In that brief amount of time, you can publish a poorly-written blog post, hypothetically speaking. Nah – we take at least 8 minutes with these kind of things. And other things.  Kidding, ladies! We’ll be here all week, tip your waiter.

We’re not sure how to end this post now, so we’re just going to go. Do you have any tea kettle recommendations? Tell us in the comments.

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