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Easy Hummus Recipe

January 26, 2012

We are having some technical difficulties. Hypothetically, how do you upload pictures and then add words after said pictures? We’re asking for a friend.

What is not difficult, however, is this hummus recipe. Which you can view pictures of after the cut, because, well, our friend hasn’t gotten back to us on a solution yet (there is no friend).

Anyway, hummus. So easy – easy to buy, easy to make. Since we are a cooking blog, we will be making it. You really only need a few ingredients – garbanzo beans (we used canned), olive oil, lemon juice and tahini. Salt & pepper are de rigeur, do we even need to mention them? Oh, and a food processor, which Jesse’s mom gifted him for Christmas, because she’s awesome. Hi mom!

We took one can of garbanzo beans, drained about half the liquid and tossed it into the food processor. We added roughly two tablespoons of tahini, two tablespoons of olive juice and three-four tablespoons of lemon juice (depending on how juicy your lemon is*). Blend and season to taste. Et voila! Hummus.

Some variations – we like to throw in a clove of garlic and puree, beforehand, so that girls enjoy kissing us after. Paprika and cayenne are also nice spices to add. The best part about this recipe is that it’s tabula rasa – make it your own.

*Sounds wrong, doesn’t it? Don’t worry about it, mom!



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