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January 27, 2012

A little belated, but last Friday, we made cupcakes, because that’s what two guys do on a Friday night. We used Betty Crocker mix, so no recipes, BUT we added in some cocoa powder, which made for a nice swirl pattern. We also added in cocoa powder to the pre-made cake frosting, because we’re fancy.

Did you know Betty Crocker cake mixes didn’t require any additional add-ins when they were first invented? All you had to do was add water. The problem was that though the cake mix was convenient, people did not purchase it because it was too easy. They didn’t feel like they did enough work. Therefore, Betty Crocker  revamped their mix by requiring the addition of an egg.  This will be a fun fact to remember when you grab that box of prepackaged mix in the pantry and are really pumped for some brownies, only to realize…crap. No egg.


From → cooking, dessert, recipes

  1. Ooooh wow, so pretty. I love the marbled effect.

  2. Thanks! We’re still learning the whole food picture taking/blogging thing – your pictures look great.

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