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Cookies and Apologies

February 13, 2012


We apologize for our absence in the blogging community. Life, you know?

Anyway, we recently baked some cookies that are, hands down, some of the best cookies ever made. Really. Slightly crisp on the outside, with a soft, gooey center – these are cookies that other cookies look up to. I don’t know, bear with us on our non-flowery prose for a minute.

We used this recipe (looks familiar), because Nestle Toll House is really the way to go. HOWEVER. A few changes:

No nuts. Unless you like them, in which case, go for it.

We used butter, which we first browned in a pan until it starts to smell nutty, and well, turn brown.

Instead of mixing things separately, we browned the butter and threw in everything into one mixing bowl. The heat from the butter melted the chocolate chips so that you get some chocolate in every bite, which is never a bad thing.

You should go make them now.

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